Travelblog SA#30: Torotoro – Bolivia

19th-22nd November 2018 I deviated from my plans this week, and I believe it was a good choice. Originally, I was supposed to be spending more time in the mountains around La Paz. Hike the Takesi trail, spend some time in Chulumani , and maybe even do what most backpackers seem to be doing theseContinue reading “Travelblog SA#30: Torotoro – Bolivia”

Travelblog SA#17: Hiking the Cordillera Blanca (Santa Cruz Trek) – Peru

20th-22nd September 2018 I didn’t sleep too well the night before leaving. Partly because I knew I had to get up early, and I think I was also excited and a little nervous too. I have done high-altitude treks before (such as Langtang Valley in Nepal and, more recently, the Quilotoa Loop) but during those,Continue reading “Travelblog SA#17: Hiking the Cordillera Blanca (Santa Cruz Trek) – Peru”