Travelblog SA#33: San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago & Valparaíso – Chile

5th-19th December 2018 Chile was a bit of a culture shock. After months spent within Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, I was suddenly in a much more modern country. The buses all had air conditioning, the streets were cleaner and everything just seemed more polished. But there were consequences to having these new comforts and conveniences.Continue reading “Travelblog SA#33: San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago & Valparaíso – Chile”

Travelblog SA#30: Torotoro – Bolivia

19th-22nd November 2018 I deviated from my plans this week, and I believe it was a good choice. Originally, I was supposed to be spending more time in the mountains around La Paz. Hike the Takesi trail, spend some time in Chulumani , and maybe even do what most backpackers seem to be doing theseContinue reading “Travelblog SA#30: Torotoro – Bolivia”

Travelblog SA#13: Chachapoyas – Peru

25th-28th August 2018 ‘Chachapoyas’ means ‘people of the clouds’ in Quechua,  and there is no mystery as to why this region was named such way as you are driven there through a series of winding roads cutting through the mountains. I arrived there at night, after a long day crossing the border from Ecuador whereContinue reading “Travelblog SA#13: Chachapoyas – Peru”