The Janus Cycle

The Janus Cycle can best be described as gritty and surreal urban fantasy.

Janus is a nightclub. But it’s not merely a location, it’s virtually a character in its own right. On the surface it appears to be a subcultural hub where the strange and disillusioned, who feel alienated and oppressed by society, can escape to be free from convention. Underneath that façade is a surreal space in time where the very foundations of reality can be twisted and distorted. But the special, unique, vibe of Janus is hijacked by a bandwagon of people who choose to conform to alternative lifestyles simply because it has become fashionable to be ‘different’ and this causes many of its original occupants to feel lost and disenchanted.

The story unfolds through the eyes of eight narrators, each with their own perspective and their own personal journey. A story in which the nightclub itself goes on a journey. But throughout, one strange girl briefly appears and reappears, warning the narrators that their individual journeys are going to collide in a cataclysmic event. Is she just another one of the nightclub’s denizens, a cynical mischief-maker out to create havoc or a time-traveller trying to prevent an impending disaster?

“Dark, sexy, touching and unexpectedly funny”

Joanne Hall

urban fantasy/magical realism pieces which dial down the novums and instead focus on the human condition[…] in Tej Turner we have a writer looking at modern society and using a little fantasy and magic to make us see it in a different light

Allen Stroud

an intriguing and insightful speculative fiction novel that is in equal parts literary fiction, speculative fiction and surrealism


Reviews for The Janus Cycle

“full five stars for its mesmerizing story and bold contents. It was a pleasure to read this novel”

“I really loved this book and can highly recommend it to fantasy lovers”
Our Book Reviews Online

“Definitely recommended.
Humanity’s Darker Side

“truly magical”
Allen Stroud

“I truly enjoyed this enticing and intriguing little collection”
S Naomi Scott

“a hugely impressive debut”
Runalong The Shelves

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Paperback Version

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