Travelblog LA#6: Popayán, Tierradentro & San Agustín – Colombia

2nd – 7th May, 2023   The border crossing into Colombia was smoother than I expected – no queues, bag inspections, or questions – but it was rather the journey after that was choresome. Due to recent landslides, a bus that was supposed to take seven hours took over ten, meaning it was late into theContinue reading “Travelblog LA#6: Popayán, Tierradentro & San Agustín – Colombia”

Travelblog#43: Manila – the Philippines

13th-14th February, 2015 Manila has a bad reputation among the capitals of South East Asia: crime levels are high, it is surrounded by shanty towns, the streets are dirty, the traffic is almost constantly congested, the air quality is poor, and some say it  gives even Bangkok a run for its money for seediness. ItContinue reading “Travelblog#43: Manila – the Philippines”