Travelblog LA#9: Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) – Colombia

NOTE: Out of convenience for the different readers of this blog, I am including a section at the end with Practical Information intended for other travellers thinking of doing Ciudad Perdida. The main body of this blog will focus mainly on the experience.   21st – 24th May, 2023   Day 1 A bus pickedContinue reading “Travelblog LA#9: Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) – Colombia”

Travelblog LA#2: Huerquehue & Pucón – Chile

As this is just my second entry in a new trip (after a four-year travelling hiatus), I am going to preface this blog with a little reminder to some of my readers: I have two core audiences for this blog, and they are quite different to each other. Many of the e-mail subscribers are peopleContinue reading “Travelblog LA#2: Huerquehue & Pucón – Chile”

Travelblog SA#38: Chiloé Island – Chile

17th-20th January 2019 In many ways, Chiloé reminded me of Wales, my home back in the UK. Although it is an island, it is so close and well connected to the mainland it feels more like a peninsula, and it is a domain of grassy hills and cows and sheep, with intermittent forests and quaintContinue reading “Travelblog SA#38: Chiloé Island – Chile”