Travelblog LA#9: Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) – Colombia

NOTE: Out of convenience for the different readers of this blog, I am including a section at the end with Practical Information intended for other travellers thinking of doing Ciudad Perdida. The main body of this blog will focus mainly on the experience.   21st – 24th May, 2023   Day 1 A bus pickedContinue reading “Travelblog LA#9: Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) – Colombia”

Travelblog LA#8: Cartagena – Colombia

16th – 19th May, 2023   I arrived in Cartagena around lunchtime, following a long night bus that bled into much of the next day. For that reason – and also the sweltering heat – I decided to take it easy that first afternoon and set myself just one target: Castillo San Felipe de Barajas,Continue reading “Travelblog LA#8: Cartagena – Colombia”

Travelblog LA#7: Medellín – Colombia

8th-15th May, 2023   I often struggle when it comes to writing blogs concerning time spent in cities. As a traveller, I am more inclined to rural places so unless it is historically noteworthy, close to some worthy day trips, has notable museums, or something else to draw me in, urban areas are usually my pitstops beforeContinue reading “Travelblog LA#7: Medellín – Colombia”