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Book 1 of the Avatars of Ruin

“Everyone from Jalard knew what a bloodoath was. Legendary characters in the tales people told to their children often made such pacts with the gods. By drawing one’s own blood whilst speaking a vow, people became ‘Bloodsworn’.

And in every tale where the oath was broken, the ending was always the same. The Bloodsworn died.”

It has been twelve years since The War of Ashes, but animosity still lingers between the nations of Sharma and Gavendara, and only a few souls have dared to cross the border between them.

The villagers of Jalard live a bucolic existence, nestled within the hills of western Sharma and far away from the boundary which was once a warzone. To them, tales of bloodshed seem no more than distant fables. They have little contact with the outside world, apart from once a year when they are visited by representatives from the Academy who choose two of them to be taken away to their institute in the capital. To be Chosen is considered a great honour… of which most of Jalard’s children dream.

But this year the Academy representatives make an announcement which is so shocking it causes friction between the villagers, and some of them begin to suspect that all is not what it seems. Just where are they taking the Chosen, and why? Some of them intend to find out, but what they discover will change their lives forever and set them on a long and bloody path to seek vengeance…

“Classic epic fantasy. I enjoyed it enormously”

Anna Smith Spark

“a stunning introduction to a new fantasy world”

Christopher G Nutall

Reviews for Bloodsworn

“an excellent and immersive introduction to a new fantasy world. I consider it to be one of the best reads of the year”

“A real page turner that will keep you reading.”
Our Book Reviews Online

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and adventure stories”
Jeyran Main – Review Tales

“a modern take on the classic epic fantasy tale
Fantasy Book Nerd – Gingernuts Of Horror

a classic fantasy adventure with some very cool twists”
Ariana Jane – The Quaint Book Nook

“I flew through the rest of this novel at a breakneck pace, enjoying every minute of it”

“There’s a lot to commend in this book. The writing style is top class, and the characters are well realised”
S Naomi Scott

“a fast-flowing narrative regularly delivering action, revelations and character development”
Matt – Runalong The Shelves

“Bloodsworn takes fantasy to a new level and Tej Turner is an author to watch out for”
Joanne Hall

“It’s been a bit since I’ve read a traditional epic, dark fantasy story and “Bloodsworn” definitely ticked off all the right boxes!”
C E Clayton

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Paperback Version

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Blood Legacy

Book 2 of the Avatars of Ruin

The ragtag group from Jalard have finally reached Shemet, Sharma’s capital city. Scarred and bereft, they bring with them the grim tale of what happened to their village, and a warning about the ancient powers that have been awakened and now threaten all humanity.

Despite this, some of them still hope that reaching sanctuary within the Synod will mean an end to their hardships, but these hopes are soon dashed. Sharma’s ruling class are caught within their own inner turmoil. When Jaedin senses that there are moles within their ranks, not only does his call to crisis fall mostly on deaf ears, but some who do hear seek to thwart him when he tries to hunt these infiltrators down.

Meanwhile, across the Valantian Mountains, Gavendara is beginning to muster its forces. Using ritualistic means to augment their soldiers, their mutant army is like nothing the world has ever seen before.

The Zakaras are coming. And Sharma’s only hope of stopping them is if it can unite its people in time.

“a nuanced, smart high fantasy novel with intelligent, complex characters, good LGBT rep and some killer twists”

Joanne Hall

“an exciting book which ups the stakes, mixing traditional fantasy with an element of possession horror”

David Craig

a journey into Fantasy, only it’s not quite the journey you expected, and it’s all the better for it

Allen Stroud

Reviews for Blood Legacy

“In BLOOD LEGACY more layers of this fascinating world are peeled back”
Joanne Hall

“the mythology and world building were just as exciting as I remembered”
Ariana Jane – The Quaint Book Nook

“The secrets between the characters and the action embodied in the literature made this an exciting read”
Jeyran Main – Review Tales

“I continue to find Turner’s horror notes especially imaginative”

“an entertaining combination of depth, character development, excitement, magic and adventure”
Rising Shadow

“a very enjoyable piece of epic fantasy with a modern perspective”
Matt – Runalong The Shelves

Blood Legacy is the second book in Tej Turner’s Avatars of Ruin series and is available on all digital formats including Kobo, Google, Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, NetherlandsJapan, Mexico).

Paperback Version

Is due for release on the 14th March and available to preorder in local bookstores as well as the following places:

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