Dinnusos Rises

Set in the same urban landscape as Tej’s debut novel The Janus Cycle, and featuring some of the same characters along with new voices, Dinnusos Rises is both a sequel and standalone novel.

The vibe has soured somewhat after a violent clash in the Janus nightclub a few months ago, and since then Neal has opened a new establishment called ‘Dinnusos’.

Located on a derelict and forgotten side of town, it is not the sort of place you stumble upon by accident, but over time it enchants people, and soon becomes a nucleus for urban bohemians and a refuge for the city’s lost souls. Rumour has it that it was once a grand hotel, many years ago, but no one is quite sure. Whilst mingling in the bar downstairs you might find yourself in the company of poets, dreamers, outsiders, and all manner of misfits and rebels. And if you’re daring enough to explore its ghostly halls, there’s a whole labyrinth of rooms on the upper floors to get lost in…

Now it seems that not just Neal’s clientele, but the entire population of the city, begin to go crazy when beings, once thought mythological, enter the mortal realm to stir chaos as they sow the seeds of militancy.

Eight characters. Most of them friends, some of them strangers. Each with their own story to tell. All of them destined to cross paths in a surreal sequence of events which will change them forever.

Turner’s prose is strong, but his greatest strength as a writer is in blending real world issues with fantastical elements. His character’s are vivid, original and interesting. His understanding of the issues facing young people in contemporary society is insinctive and sensitive.”

Allen Stroud

vibrant and intriguingly gritty, Dinnusos Rises is one of the most fascinating novels of the year […] Its sophisticatedly complex story and colourful characters will mesmerise readers”


Reviews for Dinnusos Rises

“Excellent and thought-provoking speculative fiction – highly recommended!”

“well-edited, well written, has fleshed out characters, and presents current issues in a package filled with action and adventure.
Humanity’s Darker Side

“Turner manages to breathe new life into a variation of a Pied Piper narrative”
Allen Stroud

“I marvel at how neatly Turner’s plotting comes together.”
Runalong The Shelves

Available on all digital formats including Kobo, Apple iBook, GooglePlay, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Kindle (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, India, Italy, NetherlandsJapan, Mexico)

Paperback Version

Also can be ordered from local bookstores.

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