Travelblog#24: Tomohon – Sulawesi, Indonesia

20th-23rd November, 2014 My time in Sulawesi was now drawing to a close, and me and my travel-buddy Roy had just parted ways: he was destined for Sri Lanka, whereas I still felt like I was not finished with Indonesia just yet, so I was heading for Sumatra. Now a solo traveller, I had threeContinue reading “Travelblog#24: Tomohon – Sulawesi, Indonesia”

Travelblog#23: Bunaken & Tangkoko Nature Reserve – Sulawesi, Indonesia

15th-20th November, 2014 The first thing I saw, as I waded out to sea, where lots of starfish scattered along the seabed. And that was all I saw, for a while. I carried on swimming and eventually came across some corals, too, and a few little critters. None of it was anything particularly exciting orContinue reading “Travelblog#23: Bunaken & Tangkoko Nature Reserve – Sulawesi, Indonesia”

Travelblog#22: The Togians – Sulawesi, Indonesia

5th-13th November, 2014 The backpacking scene is quite well networked these days. During my time on the road I have made lots of friends – from both this trip, and the one I went on a few years ago – and many of them I am still in touch with via Facebook, email and Skype.Continue reading “Travelblog#22: The Togians – Sulawesi, Indonesia”