Travelblog SA#25: Lake Titicaca Part 1 (Uros, Amantaní & Taquile) – Peru

1st-2nd November 2018 Situated on the border between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is both the largest lake in South American and also, at 3,800 meters altitude, the highest navigable lake in the world. It has a rich history, having been inhabited by many cultures – including the Tiwanaku people – for thousands of yearsContinue reading “Travelblog SA#25: Lake Titicaca Part 1 (Uros, Amantaní & Taquile) – Peru”

Travelblog#37: El Nido & Puerto Princesa – the Philippines

14th-19th January, 2015 El Nido, with its dramatic landscape of limestone mountains and white sand beaches, is the top tourist destination in Palawan. When we reached there we were greeted by the usual signs of a popular beach experiencing growing pains – inflated prices, cluttered streets, white people outnumbering Asian – but I had alreadyContinue reading “Travelblog#37: El Nido & Puerto Princesa – the Philippines”

Travelblog#22: The Togians – Sulawesi, Indonesia

5th-13th November, 2014 The backpacking scene is quite well networked these days. During my time on the road I have made lots of friends – from both this trip, and the one I went on a few years ago – and many of them I am still in touch with via Facebook, email and Skype.Continue reading “Travelblog#22: The Togians – Sulawesi, Indonesia”