Travelblog#33: Banda Aceh – Sumatra, Indonesia

20th-21st December, 2014 I had originally planned to only pass through Banda Aceh. I am not a big fan of Sharia Law, and it is a town at the nucleus of Sumatra’s very strict Islamic region. There have also been a few incidents of western tourists being abducted by extremists over the years. However, duringContinue reading “Travelblog#33: Banda Aceh – Sumatra, Indonesia”

Travelblog#32: Pulau Weh – Sumatra, Indonesia

14th-19th December, 2014 During my time on Pulau Weh I stayed at Yulia’s Guest House. It may not have had a sandy beach but its restaurant area balanced over the water, and the background sound of waves breaking against the rocks, more than made up for that. I was a little tired from my jungleContinue reading “Travelblog#32: Pulau Weh – Sumatra, Indonesia”

Travelblog#31: Journey through the Gayo Highlands – Sumatra, Indonesia

12th-13th December, 2014 I had just returned from a trek which had been organised through Johan from Wisma Cinta Alam guest house, so it was there that I spent the rest of the day relaxing upon my return to Ketambe village. My guide had suddenly turned ill four days in, so the trek had beenContinue reading “Travelblog#31: Journey through the Gayo Highlands – Sumatra, Indonesia”