Travelblog#1: Kanchanaburi – Thailand

29th July – 6th August, 2014. This first entry might not be quite as exciting as usual, for I am not really “travelling” yet. I have mostly just been hanging low in rural Thailand while waiting for my travel buddy to arrive (Roy is currently in India and will be flying over to meet meContinue reading “Travelblog#1: Kanchanaburi – Thailand”

Tej’s New Travelblog!

On the 28th of July I will be strapping my backpack on and flying to Bangkok to begin eight months of adventures around Asia and, for those of you who want to follow me, this is where I will be posting my new travelogue. My old blog from the trip that I took two yearsContinue reading “Tej’s New Travelblog!”

Tej Turner signs to Elsewhen Press for debut novel “The Janus Cycle”

Tej Turner signs to Elsewhen Press for debut novel “The Janus Cycle” Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, have signed a deal with author Tej Turner to publish his first novel The Janus Cycle.