Travelblog#42: Donsol – the Philippines

9th-12th February, 2015 Leaving Sibuyan Island behind marked the end of our journey through the Visayas. Pedro, James, Chloe and I returned to Romblon Island for a day, so that we could catch the ferry cruising towards Masbate the next morning. With a free afternoon to spare, on an island I was already familiar withContinue reading “Travelblog#42: Donsol – the Philippines”

Travelblog#35: Sabang – the Philippines

10th-11th January, 2015 After a very comfortable Christmas and New Year spent with friends in Taiwan, I was back on the road again. Destination: the Philippines. No longer alone, I had three travel buddies with me: Jody, James and Chloe. All of us are old friends and went to University together. Jody has been livingContinue reading “Travelblog#35: Sabang – the Philippines”