Travelblog#6: Kalaw & Pindaya – Burma

 30th of August – 1st September, 2014 At 4:30 am I was woken by the bus conductor. “Kalaw! Kalaw!” he kept repeating, as me and Roy quickly scrambled for our bags. We were dropped off by side of the road and I went in search of a guest house. Kalaw is a former hill stationContinue reading “Travelblog#6: Kalaw & Pindaya – Burma”

Travelblog#5: Bago – Burma

29th August, 2014 After over a week spent exploring Burma’s rustic south, it was time for us to head north. We rose early in the morning and, Roy and I did not know this yet, but we were about to encounter an entirely new kind of Asian experience. The Burmese Discobus. Anyone who has beenContinue reading “Travelblog#5: Bago – Burma”

Travelblog#4: Hpa-an and Mount Zwegabin – Burma

25th-28th August, 2014 The last few days we had just spent roaming around Mawlamyine had been very fast-paced, so when we reached Hpa-an – our next destination – we decided we would take a day to relax at first. Soe Brothers Guesthouse, the place we checked into, was perfect for that. Not only did itContinue reading “Travelblog#4: Hpa-an and Mount Zwegabin – Burma”