Travelblog#43: Manila – the Philippines

13th-14th February, 2015 Manila has a bad reputation among the capitals of South East Asia: crime levels are high, it is surrounded by shanty towns, the streets are dirty, the traffic is almost constantly congested, the air quality is poor, and some say it  gives even Bangkok a run for its money for seediness. ItContinue reading “Travelblog#43: Manila – the Philippines”

Travelblog#42: Donsol – the Philippines

9th-12th February, 2015 Leaving Sibuyan Island behind marked the end of our journey through the Visayas. Pedro, James, Chloe and I returned to Romblon Island for a day, so that we could catch the ferry cruising towards Masbate the next morning. With a free afternoon to spare, on an island I was already familiar withContinue reading “Travelblog#42: Donsol – the Philippines”

Travelblog#41: The Visayas Part 4 (Sibuyan Island & Climbing Mount Guiting-Guiting) – the Philippines

4th-9th February, 2015 Not many people seem to go to Sibuyan. And this came as a great surprise to me because when I first started reading the Lonely Planet guide for the Philippines, all those months ago, it was one of the places which I circled very thickly with a pen as somewhere I justContinue reading “Travelblog#41: The Visayas Part 4 (Sibuyan Island & Climbing Mount Guiting-Guiting) – the Philippines”