Travelblog SA#29: El Choro Trek – Bolivia

13th-15th November 2018 Dropped off by the shore of Laguna Strellani with a backpack full of camping gear and all the food I will need to eat for the next few days, I was at the beginning of the El Choro trek. After passing through a car park full of tour groups getting their bikesContinue reading “Travelblog SA#29: El Choro Trek – Bolivia”

Travelblog SA#28: La Paz – Bolivia

9th-12th November 2018 La Paz, the highest administrative capital in the world. Its official attitude sits at 3,600 meters, but in reality when you are here chances are you could be much higher than that, as it is perched within towering peaks. It’s airport, based in a district known as ‘El Alto’, is 4,100. IContinue reading “Travelblog SA#28: La Paz – Bolivia”

Travelblog SA#1: Quito (Part 1) – Ecuador

6th-9th June 2018 I arrived in Quito in the afternoon. During my flight I made a friend called Stacey, and together we made our way out of the airport and towards the city. We got onto a crowded bus which kept lurching violently as the driver switched between the break and accelerate with full throttle.Continue reading “Travelblog SA#1: Quito (Part 1) – Ecuador”