Travelblog#30 Gunung Leuser National Park – Sumatra, Indonesia

9th-12th December, 2014 Day 1 It was not twenty minutes after stepping off from the road and into the jungle, that we caught our first sighting; a startled owl flying away. Its companion though, remained stubbornly upon the branch. After taking a photo we carried on walking, taking breaks every now and then. This firstContinue reading “Travelblog#30 Gunung Leuser National Park – Sumatra, Indonesia”

Travelblog#28: Harau Valley – Sumatra, Indonesia

29th November – 2nd December, 2014 During my time in Bukittinggi I kept hearing of a place called Harau Valley: it was an area only briefly mentioned in my copy of the Lonely Planet, but everyone I met who had been there said that it was a must-see. I had just finished doing a motorcycleContinue reading “Travelblog#28: Harau Valley – Sumatra, Indonesia”

Travelblog#23: Bunaken & Tangkoko Nature Reserve – Sulawesi, Indonesia

15th-20th November, 2014 The first thing I saw, as I waded out to sea, where lots of starfish scattered along the seabed. And that was all I saw, for a while. I carried on swimming and eventually came across some corals, too, and a few little critters. None of it was anything particularly exciting orContinue reading “Travelblog#23: Bunaken & Tangkoko Nature Reserve – Sulawesi, Indonesia”