Travelblog SA#6: Galapagos Part 3 (San Cristobal Island & Santa Cruz Island) – Ecuador

23rd-26th June 2018 Some of my final days in the Galapagos were spent on the island of San Cristobal. Of all the inhabited islands, it had the best-maintained town and it was close to Tijeritas Hill; a spot famous in the archipelago for being a nesting zone for frigates. Whilst walking around the area IContinue reading “Travelblog SA#6: Galapagos Part 3 (San Cristobal Island & Santa Cruz Island) – Ecuador”

Travelblog#32: Pulau Weh – Sumatra, Indonesia

14th-19th December, 2014 During my time on Pulau Weh I stayed at Yulia’s Guest House. It may not have had a sandy beach but its restaurant area balanced over the water, and the background sound of waves breaking against the rocks, more than made up for that. I was a little tired from my jungleContinue reading “Travelblog#32: Pulau Weh – Sumatra, Indonesia”

Travelblog#18: Lubuanbajo, Ruteng & Bajawa – Flores, Indonesia

12th-19th October, 2014 At the end of our four day journey at sea we were dropped off Labuanbajo, a charming little port town on the west coast of Flores. Not long after stepping out onto the streets I bumped into a familiar face; Gilles, a French guy who was staying in the bungalow neighbouring oursContinue reading “Travelblog#18: Lubuanbajo, Ruteng & Bajawa – Flores, Indonesia”