Travelblog SA#16: Lima & Huaraz – Peru

13th-19th September 2018 After my jaunt into the rainforest, I spent a couple of days relaxing in Iquitos before I left the Amazon behind and boarded a plane for Lima. My time in Peru’s capital was enjoyable but ultimately uneventful. I stayed in Miraflores; a modern district with clean streets and international restaurants. It wasContinue reading “Travelblog SA#16: Lima & Huaraz – Peru”

Travelblog#46: Baguio – the Philippines

21st-24th February, 2015 Me and my three travelling companions had originally intended to spend our last few days in the Philippines visiting a small village in the north called Kabayan – which is famous for its people having their mummified ancestors stored within caves – but when we looked at the transport options we realisedContinue reading “Travelblog#46: Baguio – the Philippines”

Travelblog#44: Ifugao Rice Terraces – the Philippines

15th-18th February, 2015 Leaving Manila in behind, me and my three travelling companions – James, Chloe and Pedro – made our way to the bus station, where were loaded upon an aged vehicle. Once every space was filled, extra chairs were assembled in the aisle and more passengers were loaded on. This kind of thingContinue reading “Travelblog#44: Ifugao Rice Terraces – the Philippines”