Travelblog#13: Mandalay, a boat to Katha, & being ill in Yangon – My last week in Burma

19th-25th September, 2014 Mandalay was a bit “meh”, but we had suspected as much. We had already decided that it was a place we were just going to pass through so as soon as we arrived there we went straight to the jetty and booked a boat heading upriver for the following morning. This stillContinue reading “Travelblog#13: Mandalay, a boat to Katha, & being ill in Yangon – My last week in Burma”

Travelblog#10: Mount Popa & Monywa – Burma

9th-11th September, 2014 For our last day in the Bagan area we went out on a trip to Mount Popa; a sight famous in Burma for being a centre for nat worship. The nats (literal translation; “spirits”) originate from spiritual traditions which existed in Burma before the rise of Buddhism, and it was an areaContinue reading “Travelblog#10: Mount Popa & Monywa – Burma”

Travelblog#9: Bagan, Ancient City of Temples – Burma

7th-8th September, 2014 One of the things that I have enjoyed most about Burma is how “fresh” it feels compared to the rest of Asia. Most of the natives here are yet to be disheartened by busloads of tourists swarming into their country and acting like they are royalty, and thus, they have not reachedContinue reading “Travelblog#9: Bagan, Ancient City of Temples – Burma”