Travelblog#14: Farewell Burma – Highlights and Reflections

Burma has been a special place to me, and almost definitely my favourite country in the mainland of SE Asia. Therefore, I have decided to write a little something extra now that I have left. Here are the top Five Highlights from my trip:   #5 Hsipaw It is a shame that all of theContinue reading “Travelblog#14: Farewell Burma – Highlights and Reflections”

Travelblog#7: Hilltribe Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake – Burma

**NOTE: During our hike to Inle Lake Roy and I discovered that the Singh brothers (whom we booked the expedition with) have been misleading their customers and exploiting their guides. We did manage to turn it around and still have a great experience, but I feel morally obliged to include a “Comments on the SinghContinue reading “Travelblog#7: Hilltribe Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake – Burma”

Travelblog#6: Kalaw & Pindaya – Burma

 30th of August – 1st September, 2014 At 4:30 am I was woken by the bus conductor. “Kalaw! Kalaw!” he kept repeating, as me and Roy quickly scrambled for our bags. We were dropped off by side of the road and I went in search of a guest house. Kalaw is a former hill stationContinue reading “Travelblog#6: Kalaw & Pindaya – Burma”