Travelblog SA#26: Lake Titicaca Part 2 (Puno Festival) – Peru

3rd-5th November 2018 I arrived in Puno at a great time of the year. They were in the midst of a festival known as ‘la Fiesta Jubilar de Puno’ which commemorates the town’s inception 340 years ago. Parades, concerts, markets, and all other such affairs were taking place, but the main event wasn’t until onContinue reading “Travelblog SA#26: Lake Titicaca Part 2 (Puno Festival) – Peru”

Travelblog SA#11: Saraguro – Ecuador

17th-19th August 2018                                                                                          A common theme within the travelling scene is people striving for encounters along the road they consider ‘genuine’, but the truth is that these days truly authentic experiences can be hard to come by. For almost everything you want to do or see, others have come before you with the same expectation.Continue reading “Travelblog SA#11: Saraguro – Ecuador”

Travelblog#29: Lake Toba – Sumatra, Indonesia

3rd-7th December, 2014 Danau Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. What makes this fact even more impressive is that it is actually a crater for a gargantuan volcano. Thought to have caused a period of ice-age when it erupted 70,000 years ago – the time when geneticists believe the population of the humanContinue reading “Travelblog#29: Lake Toba – Sumatra, Indonesia”