Travelblog#34: Taiwan

For the last few weeks I have been in Taiwan, spending time with old friends.  I am not going to write a proper blog to account for my time there, as it hasn’t really been all that exciting: I made a few day trips around Taipei, had a cozy Christmas involving lots of cheese and wine, and watched the fireworks from Taipei 101 from the top of a hill during New Years Eve. I also bathed in some amazing hot springs and revisited Taroko Gorge, which still remains one of the beautifulest places I have ever been to. This was my third time in Taiwan, and I therefore didn’t feel much need to be a tourist. I didn’t even take my camera out with me, most days, and I have had a little holiday from being a ‘traveller’, while enjoying forgotten luxuries such as Western food, hot showers, lay-ins, and a cool climate.

Therefore, for my time in Taiwan I am just going to post up some photos, which can be found here.

I have just packed my backpack and tomorrow I leave for the Philippines. I will be there for around seven weeks, in all, and the adventures will continue. I will be travelling this next leg of my journey with three good friends: Jody, James, and Chloe – whose names I am sure the regular readers of my blog will come familiar with over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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