Travelblog#34: Taiwan

For the last few weeks I have been in Taiwan, spending time with old friends.  I am not going to write a proper blog to account for my time there, as it hasn’t really been all that exciting: I made a few day trips around Taipei, had a cozy Christmas involving lots of cheese and wine, and watched the fireworks from Taipei 101 from the top of a hill during New Years Eve. I also bathed in some amazing hot springs and revisited Taroko Gorge, which still remains one of the beautifulest places I have ever been to. This was my third time in Taiwan, and I therefore didn’t feel much need to be a tourist. I didn’t even take my camera out with me, most days, and I have had a little holiday from being a ‘traveller’, while enjoying forgotten luxuries such as Western food, hot showers, lay-ins, and a cool climate.

Therefore, for my time in Taiwan I am just going to post up some photos, which can be found here.

I have just packed my backpack and tomorrow I leave for the Philippines. I will be there for around seven weeks, in all, and the adventures will continue. I will be travelling this next leg of my journey with three good friends: Jody, James, and Chloe – whose names I am sure the regular readers of my blog will come familiar with over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

Published by Tej Turner

Tej Turner is a writer of fantasy and science fiction. His debut novel The Janus Cycle was published by Elsewhen Press in 2015 and its sequel Dinnusos Rises was released in 2017. Both of them were described as ‘gritty and surreal urban fantasy’. He has also had short stories published in various anthologies. He has since branched off into writing epic fantasy with a novel called Bloodsworn published in early 2021. The first in his ‘Avatars of Ruin’ series. Tej Turner has spent much of his life on the move and does not have any particular place he calls ‘home’. For a large period of his childhood, he dwelt within the Westcountry of England, and he then moved to rural Wales to study Creative Writing and Film at Trinity College in Carmarthen, followed by a master’s degree at The University of Wales Lampeter. After completing his studies, he moved to Cardiff, where he works as a chef by day and writes by moonlight. He is also an intermittent traveller who every now and then straps on a backpack and flies off to another part of the world to go on an adventure. So far, he has clocked two years in Asia and a year in South America. He hopes to go on more and has his sights set on Central America next. When he travels, he takes a particular interest in historic sites, jungles, wildlife, native cultures, and mountains. He also spent some time volunteering at the Merazonia Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Ecuador, a place he hopes to return to someday.

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