Travelblog SA#15: Amazon Rainforest – Peru

6th-10th September 2018   Day 1 Leaving early, myself and a group of girls I was sharing this Amazon experience with left Iquitos for the jungle. It took the entire morning to get there. First, we had to be driven to Nauta – a small port town on the bank of the Marañón river –Continue reading “Travelblog SA#15: Amazon Rainforest – Peru”

Travelblog SA#14: Iquitos – Peru

30th August – 5th September 2018 Sometimes when travelling you have rather romanticised expectations which do not deliver and such was the case when I embarked upon my journey to the Amazon. The idea was that I wanted to reach Iquitos – the Amazon’s biggest city, an urban pocket deep within the jungle – byContinue reading “Travelblog SA#14: Iquitos – Peru”