Travelblog LA#5: Attempted Robbery and Burundanga Drugging in Quito – Ecuador

1st May, 2023   Those of you who follow me on social media will already know that I had a bit of a scary incident on a bus recently, and I have decided to give an account of what happened. This is not because I desire sympathy – not necessary; I was not harmed, andContinue reading “Travelblog LA#5: Attempted Robbery and Burundanga Drugging in Quito – Ecuador”

Travelblog LA#4: Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Ecuador

27th – 30th April, 2023   Day 1 I arrived in Lago Agrilo in the morning after a long and rocky journey from Quito. I did sleep a little but it was broken by all the twists and lurches as the bus snaked through the Andes. Looking out the brightening window, I could already see thatContinue reading “Travelblog LA#4: Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve – Ecuador”

Travelblog LA#3: Returning to Merazonia – Ecuador

24th March – 20th April, 2023   I previously volunteered at Merazonia four years ago, so I would advise those reading this to catch up with my previous blog (click here), as it will be a more thorough account of this organisation and what it is about. This will be an account of my newContinue reading “Travelblog LA#3: Returning to Merazonia – Ecuador”