Author Interview: Christopher Nuttall

  First of all, just how many books do you have published? You seem to have so many that it is hard to keep track! 😉 Well, I have a complete bibliography here. It comes to over 100! It doesn’t count, I should add, my early works. Some of them will never see the lightContinue reading “Author Interview: Christopher Nuttall”

Author Interview: Craig Meighan

Craig Meighan was born in Lanarkshire, in central Scotland. Both a keen drummer and a fan of science fiction, he grew up wanting to be either Animal from The Muppets or Douglas Adams. This has led to an unfortunate habit of smashing up his computer at the end of each writing session. With the ambitionContinue reading “Author Interview: Craig Meighan”

Bloodsworn: Book 1 of the Avatars of Ruin by Tej Turner (Book Review #874)

Originally posted on Review Tales:
Blood Sworn is a dark fantasy action-adventure set in a euro-centric secondary world. It is the first book of the Avatars of Ruin series, and it begins with Kyra running late for the males of Jalard are recruiting, and she really wants to be picked. It is tough to be…