Author Interview: Tej Turner

Another interview, this time from James Worrad, author of the Feral Space Series. 🙂

J.L. Worrad

Wanderer, travel-blogger, chef, preservationist, fantasy author; Tej Turner has fitted a surprising amount into his young life. But of course it’s the latter pursuit that concerns us here. Having brought us the gritty and surreal urban fantasy of The Janus Cycle, Tej has now leaped into full-fledged epic fantasy with The Avatars Of Ruin series, book one of which, Bloodsworn, manifests in our realm from today (By which I mean it’s available from Elsewhen Press)!

Eager to know more, I caught up with Tej and plied him with questions…

You’ve a popular blog that relates your journeys around the planet. How does all that travel influence your writing? Is the new series’ world inspired by any particular place or places?

I think my travels almost certainly have influenced my writing, some ways are obvious and others are more subtle.

In regards to writing fantasy, I have…

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